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About us

Expertise and Work Principles

Co-founders, Dr. Cho and Dr. Tilliman, both licensed psychologists bring together over 20 years of experience across various clinical, academic and business settings. For the past 5 years together they led a successful group psychotherapy practice in New York City.

Their mission is to empower individual and small-group mental health practitioners, therapists, coaches, and social workers to embrace an integrated and multicultural approach in the field. The aim is to amplify the voices of migrants and foster the thriving practices of diverse populations.

Through their consulting services, they provide assistance from the establishment of businesses to ongoing growth. This involves a crucial blend of relationships building skills, organizational expertise, and goal setting practices. You can expect support in overcoming business challenges and expanding within your specific niche.

In their supervision services, Dr. Cho and Dr. Tilliman aim to enhance the therapeutic impact of those they supervise. They focus on developing professional competencies and upholding a high standard of counseling work quality. This commitment includes dedicated support for therapeutic training and knowledge transfer in clinical work within a respectful and open environment.

"It's not just about strategies. The most powerful way to make a change is starting from a place of caring, understanding, and knowing what it means to be human."

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“True excellence stems not from prescriptive advice but rather empowering leaders to access their own inner wisdom and resilience."

Business Consulting

Managing the business side of therapy business can be overwhelming and time-consuming, leaving little time for what you do best – helping people. That's where we come in. Our services are specifically designed to help therapists and coaches build and grow successful practices.

Clinical Supervision

We offer a range of clinical supervision services for mental health professionals, including therapists, psychologists, social workers, and counselors. We believe that clinical supervision is an essential aspect of professional development, helping to improve client outcomes and promote personal growth for mental health professionals.

Our Advantages

  • Individual 1:1 approach
  • You decide what you talk about: business or clinical cases
  • Schedule that fits your current needs – weekly, monthly
  • In-person, virtual, hybrid
  • On going support as your business grows
  • No contract, start or stop anytime
  • Tap into our network of experts (clinicians, lawyers, accountants, etc)
  • Supplemental materials: guides, worksheets, templates, podcast
  • Community of professionals

Business Consulting

Our aim is to enable therapists and coaches to excel in their practices by streamlining marketing, operations, clinical workflows, documentation, making the work more productive and allowing them to concentrate on what’s meaningful – helping people. We offer personalized 1:1 guidance for building a successful private practice from the grown up or expanding an existing one. We help get rid of clatter, formulate goals and build efficient systems to achieve them. Our 1:1 consulting covers an entire cycle of operating a mental health business from its initial stages to ongoing support.

We help you develop a comprehensive business plan that supports your goals whether you’re comfortable working alone, collaborating with partners and colleagues or hiring. We’ll share proven strategies, and tactics for generating new streams of income, removing roadblocks and advancing your practice. Think this might be a good fit for you? Schedule a 15 Discovery Call to gather information and assess if we’re a good fit for each other.

We help you develop a digital marketing strategy and give you instruments to keep you accountable to it. We take into account your skills, comfortable way of communicating and engaging with your clients, niche and budget constraints. Marketing should be expanding your clientele, not causing you frustration. Schedule a 15 minute Discovery Call today to learn more.
You got to the point where your effort has generated demand and yet you lose clients because of long response time, absent tracking and follow up systems, messy clinical records and treatment plans, delayed payments and nerve-racking audits. We will help you make documentation and processes easy and clean by teaching you everything you need to know from keeping all clients who inquire about your services to passing an audit more peacefully! Schedule a call today!
This is the core of any stable practice and peaceful sleep. We‘re glad to share with you all our best practices, worksheets, templates and useful connections that we’ve built over the years. Schedule a Discovery Call to finally systematize your balance sheets!
As mental health professionals we follow a mental health informed approach in running the business as well in 1:1 consulting. The attention directed towards self-care prevents burnouts, improves focus, satisfaction and ability to continue working for the better of our fellow humans longer. If you’re interested in Dr. Tilliman or Dr. Cho to speak at your event on the topic of sustainable approaches in mental health, schedule a call to discuss details.
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Clinical Supervision

We provide individual clinical supervision to limited permit and fully licensed clinicians. Our work aims to empower mental health professionals by enhancing their skills and resilience, enabling them to navigate complex caseloads successfully.

As clinical supervisors, we’re here to help you in understanding both your existing knowledge and areas where you may still be unfamiliar. We provide a secure and encouraging environment that fosters accountability. Our guidance encompasses diverse methodologies, such as humanistic, psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), and group therapy.

Approach to Supervision

Supervision is a place to develop the necessary skills and practice of counseling to protect one’s clients and become a competent practitioner. Our supervision approach is personalized, insight-oriented, prioritizing exploration of identity, countertransference, and encouraging a curious and accepting approach to the individuals you engage with. The supervision process is crafted to reinforce not only professional competency but also personal growth.

Supervision is a place to develop the necessary skills and practice of counseling to protect one’s clients and become a competent practitioner. Our supervision approach is personalized, insight-oriented, prioritizing exploration of identity, countertransference, and encouraging a curious and accepting approach to the individuals you engage with. The supervision process is crafted to reinforce not only professional competency but also personal growth.

  • Develop professional competencies of supervisees;
  • Transform theoretical knowledge into professional skills;
  • Structure therapeutic interactions both during a single session and in the process of therapeutic work as a whole;
  • Increase the effectiveness of psychotherapeutic interventions;
  • Protect from professional loneliness and burnout.
  • Understand your clients better;
  • Be aware of your own feelings towards clients and your reactions to them;
  • By analyzing what happens between the therapist and the client in the process of therapy and what happens between the supervisor and the supervisee in the process of supervision, understand the subtle nuances of the therapeutic relationship;
  • Better see the degree of effectiveness of using your own therapeutic interventions, how they are applied in a timely manner, in an appropriate place and in an appropriate manner, what impact they have on the therapeutic relationship and the client’s progress towards intended goals;
  • Find and better use your potential in therapy.

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The Collective Unconscious podcast

by Dr. Tilliman & Dr. Sachdev

Our podcast is for therapists and coaches who want to improve their skills and better support their clients. We cover a wide range of topics like mental health, relationships, and business. Our guests share their knowledge and expertise to give you valuable insights you can use in your own practice. We know therapists and coaches face specific challenges, so we’re committed to providing the latest research, trends, and best practices. You can find our podcast on major platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts, as well as on social media, where we share additional resources, tips, and updates.

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Personalized supervision, strategic business planning, marketing guidance, streamlined operations, financial insights, and a supportive peer community – all included in our comprehensive service package! We are passionate about our work and aim to help you find fulfillment and overcome roadblocks, both in client relationships and business management.

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