Psychological Evaluations for Immigration Cases



Empowering individuals to take control of their narrative, advocate for themselves, and build resilience.


Licensed psychotherapists bring specialized knowledge to the evaluation process, providing expert guidance and support.


Evaluations are conducted with empathy, understanding, and a focus on the human story behind each case.


Advocating on behalf of individuals, humanizing their experiences, and strengthening their cases.

Immigration evaluation is often one of very important supporting documents when applying for waivers or petitions to receive immigration status

What's an immigration evaluation?

Immigration evaluation is often one of very important supporting documents when applying for waivers or petitions to receive immigration status. It helps demonstrate the challenges that the individual experienced and how they’ve shaped their life.

We create personalized reports that highlight your experiences so the attorney can present the most complete picture of you to support your petition or waiver application.

Our compassionate clinicians take the time to understand your unique story. We walk alongside you, providing a judgment-free space to share your journey. With care and cultural understanding, we craft reports that convey your circumstances accurately and credibly.

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Evaluation Process


Contact attorney.
Consult with us.
Complete paperwork.
Schedule interview.



Meet 1-2 sessions to share experiences.
Undergo assessments (1-2 weeks).



Clinician combines all data into a comprehensive report (in a period of 3-4 weeks).

Report Writing


Report reviewed for accuracy by you.
Report reviewed by attorney before finalized.



Evaluation costs cover all assessments and written report (not covered by health insurance)

Expedited Option & Translation Available (Additional Fee)

To obtain legal status, schedule an Immigration Evaluation with one of our multicultural therapists

Extreme Hardship Immigration

We can help you document the psychological needs of U.S. Citizens or resident family members who would experience severe psychiatric decompensation if separated from their immigrant family members. If you are seeking an i-601a waiver or have been asked for additional evidence to support your application, contact us for a psychological evaluation to support your application for additional evidence. Get in Touch.


If you are seeking safety in the U.S., our team can provide you with a comprehensive psychological evaluation to assess your mental health and determine the best ways to protect your safety. Our evaluation can also be a valuable tool in preserving evidence for your immigration case, ensuring that your case is as strong as possible. Get in Touch.

The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)

We offer professional clinical interviewing for noncitizens who have been victimized by their citizen or permanent resident family members and are seeking a U.S. visa through a VAWA petition. With our assistance, you can obtain lawful permanent resident status and take advantage of the benefits that come with VAWA-based petitions, such as being able to apply for work authorization without providing proof of divorce or the abuser’s death. We’ll be able to assist you. Get in Touch.

T Visa

If you are the victim of human trafficking (i.e., sex trafficking and labor trafficking) you may be eligible to apply for a T-Visa. Our evaluation can help you demonstrate that you will endure unusual or severe harm if deported from the U.S. This can be related to your age, physical or mental condition, the likelihood of future victimization, and fear of punishment or retribution by traffickers should they return to your home country. Get in Touch.

U Visa

If you are an undocumented individual residing in the United States and have fallen victim to qualifying crimes, you may be eligible for the U-Visa. Our assessment can effectively highlight the impact of the crime on your mental well-being both during and after the incident. This evaluation serves to establish the extent of emotional distress and its enduring repercussions. There’s help available. Get in Touch.

Medical Certification for Disability Exception, (N-648)

We provide expert guidance for individuals submitting the N-648 form for disability exceptions. Our team of experienced professionals will support you in gathering the necessary medical documentation, as well as completing and submitting the form correctly, to maximize your chances of a successful application. Get in Touch.

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