Life changes

Major life transitions like divorce, bereavement, expanding your family or changing careers profoundly transform us. We help build resilience and adaptive capacity so you can navigate difficult milestones and hardship successfully while growing into your fullest potential.
Common Challenges
Navigating major life changes, from divorce to career shifts, can be overwhelming. The isolation and uncertainty often lead to heightened stress, impacting mental well-being. Coping independently may seem daunting, especially when faced with the complexities of emotions and adapting to new circumstances.
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How we work with addressing life changes?

In Mind in Motion, our integrated therapeutic approach seamlessly combines person-centered therapy, relational psychodynamic methods, and cognitive-behavioral techniques to navigate major life changes and transitions. We offer a personalized and dynamic framework that prioritizes your unique experiences, fostering resilience, self-awareness, and strength. This comprehensive approach ensures a supportive and non-judgmental environment, where we delve into the underlying dynamics of your emotional responses, providing insights into your reactions to significant life events. By addressing specific cognitive patterns and behaviors linked to these transitions, we equip you with practical tools for effective coping. Our commitment to tailoring treatment methods to your individual journey empowers you to navigate and triumph over life’s transformative moments with a holistic and integrative therapeutic approach.

Our Therapists Who Specialize in Working with Life Crisis

Therapist Cassandra Singh

Cassandra Singh

Mental health counselor with expertise in working with individuals, couples, and children. Believes in providing mental health access to individuals of diverse genders, ethnicities, and sexual orientations. Specializes in bringing couples and families together through therapeutic modalities for healthier bonds and relationships.
Therapist Jonathan Metivier

Jonathan Metivier

Licensed Mental Health Counselor with a Master’s Degree from Brooklyn College, received psychodynamic therapy training at Training Institute for Mental Health. Emphasizes the importance of a safe, empathic, and collaborative therapeutic environment. Integrates cognitive and mindfulness exercises to foster self-acceptance and living in the present moment.

Jewel James, Ph.D.

Dr. James received her Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from Fordham University’s Graduate School of Education. While having therapeutic goals are an important aspect of treatment, it is not always the case that goals are readily identifiable. She prefers psychodynamic therapies as they focus on the process of treatment more than its goals.

"The most painful lessons of a person's history may be the ones that teach him he can change; and that he does have choices."


Why it's difficult to deal with life crisis and changes on your own

Embarking on the path of major life changes and transitions alone can be an intricate journey, often laden with uncertainties and emotional upheavals. Attempting to navigate these challenges independently may seem like an insurmountable task. Self-help, while commendable, can encounter limitations when facing the complex tapestry of emotions tied to divorce, loss, parenthood, or career shifts.
Psychotherapy offers a supportive framework where individuals can delve into the intricacies of their experiences. Our therapists at Mind In Motion recognize the courage it takes to seek assistance and understand that self-discovery is a collaborative process. In therapy, clients gain insights into their coping mechanisms, develop resilience, and acquire tools to manage the emotional nuances of life changes. While self-help strategies can provide temporary relief, the personalized guidance of a therapist facilitates a deeper understanding of one’s emotions and behaviors. It’s an opportunity for individuals to actively engage in their healing journey, supported by a trained professional who is dedicated to fostering understanding, acceptance, and resilience.

Ask for help today!

Choosing psychotherapy isn’t a sign of weakness but a courageous step toward empowerment. It’s a collaborative effort where individuals actively participate in their growth, gaining valuable insights that extend beyond the challenges of major life changes and pave the way for a more fulfilling and adaptive future. If you’re navigating a major life transition, consider taking the next step by scheduling a call with our experienced therapists. Together, we can explore how psychotherapy can support you on your journey to resilience and self-discovery.



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