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Rachel Jiyoung Yoo, Esq profile

Ms. Rachel Jiyoung Yoo, Esq.

Ms. Yoo is a partner attorney at Yoo Law, LLC, specializing in healthcare, K-beauty, and technology sectors in all aspects of U.S. Immigration Laws. She serves as an outside counsel for Mind in Motion, offering valuable guidance to our team. Additionally, she provides mediation services for individuals seeking a peaceful path through divorce.
Ms. Jihyun C. Ryu profile

Ms. Jihyun C. Ryu, Esq.

Ms. Ryu, is the principal attorney at Ryu Law, LLC, specializing in immigration and business law. We collaborate in various ways, including immigration evaluations and international student workshops, as well as providing webinars/seminars for the Korean American community.
Wish to collaborate? Our team is open for new exciting partnerships to grow together. Reach out to our Partnerships Manager at communityoutreach.mindinmotion@gmail.com
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