Damien Tilliman, Psy.D.

“Informed by a curiosity about the human experience, I strive to create a therapeutic space that honors each individual’s unique story, fosters self-discovery, and empowers them to cultivate inner wisdom and outer change.”
Therapist Damien Tilliman
Professional Biography

Specialize in Relationship and Interpersonal Concerns, Life Transitions and Adjustment, Existential and Meaning-Centered Therapy

  • Psy.D. The Chicago School of Professional Psychology
  • M.S.Ed SUNY Brockport
  • B.S. SUNY Brockport
  • Dr. Damien Tilliman, co-founder of Mind in Motion Psychological Services, is a licensed psychologist holding a Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology and a master’s degree in Counselor Education from SUNY Brockport, has embarked on a distinguished professional journey. With experience spanning from prestigious colleges to counseling centers in Beverly Hills and various locations, Dr. Tilliman has cultivated a wealth of expertise.

    Orientation/clinical interests/specialties

    Dr. Tilliman’s therapeutic orientation draws from person-centered, psychodynamic, and postmodern philosophical approaches. Specific clinical interests include facilitating group therapy, providing supervising and training clinicians, and exploring themes of intersubjectivity. He strives to understand how sociocultural factors shape people’s inner lives. Dr. Tilliman’s work is informed by a curiosity about diverse populations and life experiences. His practice emphasizes creating meaningful dialogue to empower clients. Overall, Dr. Tilliman brings nuanced perceptiveness to complex psychosocial issues through wisdom cultivated on both professional and personal journeys.

    Personal Interests

    In his free time, Damien enjoys running outdoors, plays open world videogames and gardening fruits and vegetables.

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    What to expect on a first session

    • Confidentiality Discussion: The therapist will explain the principles of confidentiality, ensuring you understand the limits and exceptions to privacy in therapy.
    • Background Information: Expect to share some background information, including your reasons for seeking therapy, relevant personal history, and any immediate concerns or challenges.
    • Therapist’s Approach: The therapist will discuss their therapeutic approach and methods, providing you with an understanding of how they work and what to expect from the process.
    • Goal Setting: Together with the therapist, you will explore and set realistic goals for therapy, outlining what you hope to achieve or work on during your sessions.
    • Discussion of Expectations: There will be an opportunity for you to discuss your expectations for therapy, including frequency of sessions, preferred communication styles, and any concerns you may have.
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